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Hi my name is Becky and I have a degree in Business Management and Company Law, and I have been working as an Insurance underwriter for the past 10 years. I have 2 children, a son born in 2012 and a little girl born in 2016.

I am a fun and dynamic person who is always on the go. Although my forte is the business side I love getting stuck in with the kids as well. Messy and creative is my thing, I have seen through my own kids that play, fun and being silly can lead to magical learning. Now with what I am learning on my Childcare course I can finally put it into practice and I couldn’t be more excited. Getting outdoors and letting the children really explore their surroundings is a true passion of mine so if you want to find me I’ll be in our woods covered in mud having a blast with the kids and you’re more than welcome to join us.



Nursery Manager (Chislehurst)

Hi, my name is Lauren I have a degree in Psychology which specialised in Child Psych. I have been working as a teacher for the past 11 years and had Izzy in 2017.

So now the basic info is out of the way who am I? I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister and a friend and not necessarily in that order. I found it really hard to sum myself up as I am not good talking about myself, so I asked the people who know me best to describe me and this is what they said. She is caring, friendly and a homely person, who is extremely passionate about all children deserving a safe and welcoming educational environment to learn and grow in. She is patient, supportive, approachable, kind and thoughtful. Hard working is an understatement, she always goes above and beyond and is consistent with everyone, she has great focus and drive and is an exceptional leader, if my kids were still young they would be in the nursery in heart beat.



Practitioner (Maidstone)

Katie is a bubbly personality who is all about the fun and cuddles. She has no problem clowning around with the children and you will often find her playing make believe or singing a nursery rhyme (for the thousandth time that day). Katie is a good hearted person who wears her heart on her sleeve, showing the children first hand how to be caring and bold in everyday possible.


Toddler Room Leader (Maidstone)

Alison has worked in early years for 20 years and is level 3 qualified. She is a nurturing, calming character who has a magic touch with our toddlers. You will struggle to find anyone else who has such a beautiful demeanour with such young children. Filling the younger children with love, support and security comes naturally to her, and they adore her for it. Firm boundaries and manners are implemented through Alisons effortless technique, whilst individual characters are encouraged to shine. The perfect person to give our young ones a great start.


Deputy Manager (Maidstone)

Lacey is our dynamic Deputy. She’s level 4 qualified in Childcare and gets kids through and through. Passionate, caring and fun are just some of the qualities she brings to the team. Nothing is too much for her and multi-tasking is her middle name. A mum of three and an ex footballer means she loves getting stuck in, cooking, reading and singing, not to mention she’s a baby whisperer and can calm a child like nothing I’ve ever seen before.


Practitioner (Maidstone)

Carrie is a vibrant character who enjoys getting stuck in, play dough, paint, glitter, mud, you name it she’s up for it. A mum of three means she truly understands our young characters, the good, the bad and the ugly moments they are all capable of. She dries tears, mends knees and creates smiles. A deeply caring person who makes children feel secure and valued and an integral part of our team.


Practitioner (Maidstone)

Chloe is our budding primary school teacher. Currently studying to become a reception teacher, with the freshest ideas and research to support her practise, this really makes her of a kind. Kind, gentle and caring but down to give anything a go the kids throw at her what more could we ask for from one of our practitioners.

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