About Our Nurseries

Why choose Us?

Pink Elephants Nurseries are individually designed to provide a caring and stimulating environment for your child to progress and develop in at their own pace. We follow the early years foundation framework to ensure your child reaches their full potential, ensuring British Values of diversity and equality are celebrated.

How We Came to Be

We get it! We are two working mums who are balancing the same big and little things you all are. We get that you have to go back to work but want to leave your child in the best possible care. We get that sometimes you just need to get stuff done or have a break. We get that you want your child to be loved as much as you love them. We get that you want them to have the best of everything but still have boundaries and learn manners. We get that it is tough. So let us take some of that pressure off you.

This nursery came about from a conversation on the touch line of a child’s rugby match. It came from two people sharing the perils of their childminding experiences and their wants and wishes for their kids. Thats how the Pink Elephants Nursery was born.

The roots of our nursery are based around love, care, exploration and adventure, key ingredients we believe make children happy. We wanted to build a nursery that provides a full 360 care platform for every child on an individual basis which really allows kids to be kids, dirty, sticky, messy and in their full glory.

The business was set up whilst we both worked full time jobs, in-between the nappy changes, bottle feeds, song times and bed routines. Late into the evenings, texts in the early mornings and emails over lunch, but somehow we made it happen and we couldn’t be happier that we did.

We spoke with other parents about what issues they have trying to juggle everything and what came up most was the little things. The letter that you meant to post, the dry cleaning that has been forgotten, that parcel sitting on the doorstep again. We get it. We wanted a nursery that not only provides the top care for your child but also gives that little bit extra to take off some of the stress so when you have time at home you can make the most of it.

We know it’s hard to admit or accept help sometimes but we’re all in the same boat, we want an open and caring environment that looks after everyone that comes through our doors whatever their needs. So whether you need full time care for your little one or just a few hours off a week to feel human again – we get it, we get you and most importantly we get kids.

How We Help You

The nursery has been designed by working parents who wanted better for their children. We have held discussion groups with parents and have really listened to what they want for their children.

  • Flexible opening times
  • Easy pick up and drop offs
  • Nutritious and home made food
  • Wide variety of activities
  • Supported independence
  • A loving, caring and safe environment
  • We implement fundamental british values of democracy, whilst valuing all faiths and cultures (EYFS 2014)

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